Latest Stories From the Franklin Area...

Whether you live a couple hours or a couple layovers from the mountains, this is the place to come when the holidays roll around. So what makes it Read More
Autumn looks good on the Appalachian Mountains. When the rolling hills and bouldering peaks unfurl their spatters of reds, yellows, and fiery oranges, there’s nothing better than Read More
Family is a beautiful thing, but raising one isn’t always a peace and quiet sort of thing. Now that your kids have flown the nest and are Read More
Heading to the mountains during summer means it’s time for trails galore, and Franklin delivers! Whether you’re looking for a fun family outing that’s easy on the kids or Read More
Vacation planning can get tricky if you’re laying out the trip months in advance. Perhaps you heard of an awesome indoor attraction, but the lady at the hotel Read More


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