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Family is a beautiful thing, but raising one isn’t always a peace and quiet sort of thing. Now that your kids have flown the nest and are Read More
Heading to the mountains during summer means it’s time for trails galore, and Franklin delivers! Whether you’re looking for a fun family outing that’s easy on the kids or Read More
Vacation planning can get tricky if you’re laying out the trip months in advance. Perhaps you heard of an awesome indoor attraction, but the lady at the hotel Read More
The mountains are a dream in the summertime—waterfalls, hikes, spectacular views, and those high-elevation breezes are can’t-miss staples of a Franklin getaway. There’s so much more in store for Read More
The charm of corner antique stores is one of Franklin’s biggest draws to tourists and locals alike, but what really makes open rooms full of old furniture and knick-knacks Read More


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